Owner/ Buyer’s Directory

In a hot market like we are in, over half the transactions never technically hit the open market and were sold in-house or by direct marketing.  We often work with property owners that would like to have us bring an offer in-house.

By being in our Directory, you will be the first to know about potential deals meeting only YOUR Criteria. Let us know what type property, and what price range you are interested in, and we will be sure to send you the deals that are tailored specifically to you.

Please choose the Position that best describes you.

For example, if you are an Owner that is interested in both buying deals directly and passive investments, please choose Owner/Buyer and Investor. If you represent yourself in a transaction as a Broker, also choose Broker.

Thanks for submitting and let us know if you would like us to contact you to follow up in the How may we help field.