ANCRE Group Realty, LLC


  • Optimize

    We leverage our un-paralleled market knowledge to provide custom-tailored, boutique brokerage firm services and leverage our national firm resources and contacts for each client.

    Before you decide to sell a property, contact us to determine if there are ways to increase your Net Income or increase the curb appeal and demand for your property with a reasonable scope of work. We can also consult a buyer or owner on improvement projects to increase rents or extend tenant leases and make the property more marketable.

  • Consultation

    Even if you are thinking of refinancing versus selling, we can follow many of the same steps through a consulting project that can help you maximize funds and minimize underwriting surprises, while calculating a return of investment through a 1031 Exchange.

    After we consult on optimizing your operations, we will categorize your operating data to industry standards and compare it to similar properties in the market, to ensure the underwriting is at market.

  • Marketing

    Once a listing agreement is complete, our Marketing Team will create professional brochures and offering memorandums, which will be helpful in not only marketing the property, but provide potential buyers more information to obtain financing quicker. All the property information is stored in a property specific- secure, online DealRoom for instant access by parties of the transaction.

    Using our in-house database of contacts, we can often pinpoint a buyer for your property without mass marketing. When needed, we take advantage of every possible listing and marketing service, including our members only contact lists, to get your property in front of all potential buyers.

  • Buyer Representation

    A Buyer’s Broker should do more than just fill out a contract for you. For Buyers we represent, we will update on potential acquisition matches, and assess properties we find and you find to determine a good fit. We will look at both the property and immediate area, and advise on potential upside through rent increases and expense reduction, organically or by renovation. We use our database of properties to contact owners directly about submitting a potential offer before a property comes to market. We also network with other brokers to identify potential properties through CCIM membership, and other commercial real estate trade organizations. We will also connect you with a lender, if needed, and third party referrals to ensure a smooth transaction.

  • Negotiate

    Marketing your property or finding you a property is only the beginning. Negotiating terms that are agreeable to all the parties is one of our specialties. A skill that is often highly underrated, our professionals have completed courses on negotiating, and have been able to save numerous deals that seemed hopeless for one reason or another.

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